Who We Are

St. Paul’s Youth Forum have proudly been working alongside Erasmus+ to develop a peer-education framework with which to combat gender based violence (GBV) in our community. We aim to bring together youth workers and to provide the knowledge and support necessary to address the causes and symptoms of GBV that persist within certain forms of youth culture.

Complete the above puzzle to reveal our project logo. The jigsaw piece represents our understanding of gender based violence as a single part of a broader conversation about public health and wellbeing, and one that is fundamental to achieving an equitable and flourishing community for all.

What We Do

Over the last year, we have been meeting regularly with a group of young people and providing them with the skills and confidence to affect positive change within their respective communities and with the explicit aim of eradicating GBV.

We are excited for them to now activate their roles as peer educators under the exemplar of the Mentors in Violence Preventions (MVP) programme.

If you work with young people and would like to be better equipped to talk about GBV, please refer to our ‘Resources for Youth Workers‘ section.

If you or someone you know has been affected by issues of GBV and are in need of support, please refer to our ‘Resources for Young People‘ section.

The above series of animations were created by Glasgow-based animations studio Toad’s Caravan in collaboration with a few of our peer educators for the purpose of introducing topic of GBV, its place in youth work, and the potential challenges it poses.

A Brief Introduction to GBV

In these pages we hope to offer a variety of resources in order to improve access to vital resources for anyone affected by GBV, and also to empower youth workers with the necessary tools to facilitate conversations about GBV within their respective communities.

We firmly believe that the first step to overcoming GBV is to understand the scale of the issue and to be able to recognise the various forms that it can take within modern society. We have prepared the following media as a primer to help introduce newcomers to the topic.

Project Coordinator Vicky Ledgerwood offers a brief introduction to the topic of GBV in this series of bite-sized informative videos.

In May of 2021 we had the esteemed privilege of hosting a online discussion with renowned anti-sexism activist Dr. Jackson Katz. Nine out of ten attendees reported an increase in knowledge and confidence in their own ability to engage with young people on the topic of GBV as a result of having attended the webinar.

The above playlist features a series of curated highlights taken from the hour-long webinar with anti-sexism activist Dr. Jackson Katz.

A Message to Our Friends and Supporters

Thank you to our funders for their generous support, and without whom none of this would have been possible!